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Special Offer: Penguin Brand spots

All online orders come with free Penguin Brand spots. No pool table is complete without one! Click here to purchase a full roll.
Custom Replacement Rails
Need replacement rails for an unusually sized pool table? We are always happy to make custom sets - contact us for more information.
Professional Rail Recovery
Too busy to cover your pool table rails? Send us a set and our expert staff will recover them! Contact us for more information.
Professional Rail Reconstruction
Are your rails performing poorly because of old, brittle rubber? Send them to us and we'll replace your rubber and cushion facings. Contact us for more information.
Cushion Glue
  Specially formulated contact cement for use in mounting cushion facings and rubber on rails.
  Product Details
One quart can.
Comes with brush for glue application inside of lid for easy storage and use.
Strong, durable adhesive.
$18.00 + S&H

Die cut cushion facings (set of 12)

Die-cut rubber cushion facings - enough for the ends of one set of pool table rails.

Penguin Brand Rail Rubber (set of 6)

Premium pink Penguin Brand K-55, K-66, and U-23 rubber. Great savings!

Large Cushion

Full set of Penguin Brand large cushion facings. Can be cut to fit any type of rail end.

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