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Special Offer: Penguin Brand spots

All online orders come with free Penguin Brand spots. No pool table is complete without one! Click here to purchase a full roll.
Custom Replacement Rails
Need replacement rails for an unusually sized pool table? We are always happy to make custom sets - contact us for more information.
Professional Rail Recovery
Too busy to cover your pool table rails? Send us a set and our expert staff will recover them! Contact us for more information.
Professional Rail Reconstruction
Are your rails performing poorly because of old, brittle rubber? Send them to us and we'll replace your rubber and cushion facings. Contact us for more information.

Leg Levelers (set of 4)

Penguin Brand jumbo leg leveler for use with pool table legs. This is the tough one!

Penguin Brand Trim
(any size)

Full set of exclusive Penguin Brand trim. Includes matching set of trim screws.

Webbed Drop Pockets (set of 6)

Penguin Brand black webbed drop pockets for use with home tables.

Pocket Liners (set of 6)

Penguin Brand pocket liners. Soft, texture dampens noisy ball hits.

Gulley Boots (set of 6)

Penguin Brand gulley boots. Quickly and quietly funnel balls back to ball return.

Penguin Brand Spots
(roll of 25)

Penguin Brand spots - no pool table is complete without one of these!

Four Hole Coin Chute

This four hole adjustable ESD coin chute is perfect for coin-op pool tables.

Five Hole Coin Chute

This adjustable five hole ESD coin chute is perfect for use in coin-op pool tables.

Coin Door

Coin door for pool table. Available in three sizes, with or without coin chute hole. Black only.

Coin Chute Extensions

Coin chute extensions for new or old Valley pool tables.

Coin Chute Spring

Return springs for use with ESD coin chutes.

Coin Door Security Bar

Security bar for reinforcing your coin door.

Lock Rail Set

This lock rail set will break instead of your coin door in the event of an unwanted break-in.

Push Chute Door Header

This header mounts directly above the coin door.

Ball Dump Roller

This specially machined roller smooths out the catches often inherent in factory-made rollers.

Pivot Block

Unbreakable pivot block removes all slop in your coin-op table's pivot arm.

Shoulder Bolt

Bolts for holding the ball dump tray in place. Sold in sets of two. Includes lockwashers.

Quarter Strip

Quarter Strip for keeping track of who's up next.

For coin doors, etc.

#512 or #54 locks ideal for coin doors.

Ball Dump Spring

Ball dump spring for internal ball-release mechanism.

$.75 / ft.

3/4" metallic coated T-Molding for Dynamo pool tables.

Ball Mat

Thick durable neoprene does not crumble or dent like factory original pads.

6 Inch Leveler Pads

These 1/8" thick leveler pads can balance out your table while protecting your floor from scratches and scuffing

Pool Table Molding

Penguin Brand pool table molding for ball view, triangle, coin door, and ball return openings.

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